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Crab Dribble


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In a recent game where the Chosen One was called for a travel while driving for a potential tying basket in the closing seconds of Cleveland's 80-77 loss at Washington, Lebron appealed to the media afterward that it wasn't traveling, but a "Crab Dribble".


What's a Crab Dribble?


Well, whatever it is, add LeBron James' "crab dribble" to the lengthy list of talking points in the Cavaliers-Wizards rivalry.


Washington interim coach Ed Tapscott said, "I'll have to check in my book to see what a 'crab dribble' is. I'm not quite sure. I do know that we don't seem to get away with very many of them, whatever they are."


In giving his take on what happened, The King said: "I watched it again, and I took a 'crab dribble,' which is a hesitation dribble, and then two steps."


Asked Monday if he knows what a "crab dribble" is, Wizards All-Star forward Antawn Jamison said, "I know what a traveling is. ... I think we all know what traveling is."


Washington's other All-Star forward, Caron Butler, gave a similar answer. "'Crab dribble' is when you, uh, travel," Butler said. "That's the hottest thing on the market right now." Turning to a more serious explanation, Butler said he thought James switched his pivot foot. "I couldn't do it in AAU, I couldn't do it in college," Butler said, "and obviously I can't do it now."


However, the best explanation I heard of what a 'crab dribble' is, came from Jim Rome who explained that 'crab dribble' is code for "Don't you know who I am?" (lol)


Good stuff and a great new term.


Btw, I thought it was a travel, just as I did the other three or four times he did it that same game ... not to mention EVERY NIGHT. It's the ole Michael Jordan non-call, or the Isiah Thomas carry.

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Guest Masters

It was a travel and not a crab dribble, no doubt.


For those wondering what a crab dribble is, Jalen Rose called into ESPNs First Take on Monday and explained what it is (he knew the term). I can't explain it as well as he did, but essentially it is a post when the defender is on your back.


Basically it is a real term, just rarely used.


The funniest to me is apparently people on ESPN to watch or pay attention to the other shows on ESPN.

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