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Art Modell NOT a finalist for HOF this year!


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If the douche bag ever gets in, I bet it would be the biggest crowd ever and he will be booed through the entire acceptance speech by 90% of the people there.


....and I'll be one of those guys. That's why they won't let him in. I know that a bunch of those suits WANT to let him in, but they know what a firestorm they'll face if they do, so they keep leaving him out. I hope the old bastard is crying in his wheelchair. F... him.




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I STILL have two copies of that magazine with that cover.


I spit in fArt Schmodell's direction. "pffffffft"



I have one copy of that issue as well. I think if the bastard ever gets in th at I would have to come back just to see the media circus and to be a part of the fans booing and heckling the old xxxxer during his speech.

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Modell should be a shoo-in for the HOF.


He turned a shit team into SB winners practically overnight by simply moving them out of dirty, dirty Cleveland.







.... an'at






I'm not from Cleveland (actually a little easter on the map...) but I think you've just won the award for the dumbest post of the week.


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