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Upside-down to Upside...


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I've learned over and over that guys getting a second chance in a new city - set out to prove themselves from what they learned. Examples: Gruden, Dungy, BB, Shanahan and Coughlin. Alot of us weren't very happy watching a stale franchise last year. I really appreciate whoever shared all the Accorsi comments because the TYPE of LEADERS I want here are those that want to do whatever it takes PROVE themselves. As we've seen the hard way in free agency, there's ALWAYS something special about finding the individuals with something to prove vrs bringing in the guy that's already played his best ball and now he just wants to be paid for the past instead of the future. Nothing worse than learning some sweat we're paying extremely well also needs batteries that are hard to find. I hope Kokkinos uses performance incentives and weight clauses for additional motivating factors.


Even more importantly, is that Lerner wants guys he know will work together. Right now I see a 3 leaders that want to prove their value: Quinn, Mangini and Kokkinos (not signed yet but we know what 1 + 1 adds up to).


I'll welcome a fresh OC and DC too. I'd rather see football units than chaotic fire drills. I hope we keep Daisher for STs because our STs were good IMO.


I don't wish any ill-will on those leaving here. In fact, I hope they benefit from the second chance thang as well.


Anyway, it's nice to feel excited again!!! It's all about the upside.

- Tom F.

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That was well said Flugel

I hope Mangini will get this team up and running. Lets watch and see the lazy ass players who never had to run sprints under RAC get up and leave.

Its time to go to work and we have the right foreman now.

I agree, this first training camp is going to be very interesting!

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