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Mangini's Press Conference


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It started out pretty good and got a little better as it went along. (Although he did attempt some lame jokes that crashed and burned.) He saidd a few things that have me really excited. He said that he likes his offense and defensive schemes to be constantly evolving. He said you cant call the offense a West Coast Offense, or the Patriots Offense, or the Run and Gun, He said its a combination of everything and that the only thing to call it is "THE BROWNS OFFENSE". This in my mind was the perfect answer.


He was asked whether or not he would switch to a 4-3 if he didn't have the personnel for the 3-4 and he shut it down completely, he said absolutely not. I really like this and it shows that he knows what he wants. Plus, Rob Ryan knows all of Rex Ryans schemes they studied together so I can see this becoming one good D.


He dodged the tough questions though regarding Quinn and Kellen and such, but I pretty much got the feeling he is a Quinn guy, Pluto was interviewed live and said the same thing.


The one thing I dont like about this guy is that he seems tough, and he gives off the vibe that he's gonna be a hard ass, but he doesn't seem like a yelling coach, he's soft in a way. He's not the kind of guy who is gonna yell at you, he's the kind of guy that gives you the look then shames you in front of everyone.


I also gut the sense that he doesnt want to "Clear House" like many people around here are saying. He likes what we have on this team, he is gonna make some changes, but he isnt going to fix whats not broken.

But after this presser I feel alot better about the hire.

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Yes I did. It seemed like it was going to be the shortest press conference ever with his Go Browns see you later joke. He was pretty short with Bruce Drennan on the 4-3 question.


I watched it also and I think he said the right things, knowing he can't be specific about some things until the GM and coaching staff is in place. It's a given that he will run the 3-4 and a variance of the WCO.


You can't expect him to come out and say who his QB is going to be or which players he is going to dump.


Everybody knows he isn't a media darling and won't be giving news conferences just to chat with them. He is like Bill Belichick and Parcells in that way.


One thing he did say that I thought was interesting was his statement that it doesn't matter who is designated as having final the authority in their contract, it will be a team decision betwen the HC and GM. I believe that means Kokinis will be given that authority in his contract, which is the only way they can get him away from the Ravens, but Mangini will have a equal say and most likley won't be trumped.

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Actually I think he is going to run an offense that is more like the Patriots. I know this doesent count for much but he said West Coast once and Patriots Offense three time in his answer, he said it because the offensive coordinator he's bringing in (Jet QB coach) was with him in New England, Its an offense theyre both familliar with and I think its what we might see the most of

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