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The Pats were knocked when they hired Belichick


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Why We Shouldn't Always Listen to "The Crowd'


Browns fans bashed the Pats for hiring him.


Jets fans were ticked because of the yellow-bellied way he ended up in Boston. They questioned his character.


Yeah boy, they knew it all. The Pats had figured out another way to stumble along.



Well, these writers owned up to it:




"In January of 2000, I was critical of the Patriots' decision to hire Bill Belichick, who was a bust in Cleveland. I wrote: 'It is possible he has learned from mistakes and is a different coach, but it's also possible that a pig will learn to use silverware.'


Well, Babe is spooling linguini. And I'm eating crow.


Belichick's performance this season truly has been one of the most remarkable coaching jobs I have witnessed."


(Source: THE SPORTING NEWS, 1/21/02 Belichick Deserves Credit for Turnaround - Insider - Bill Belichick of New England Patriots, by Dan Pompei)




Today he's routinely referred to as a genius and one of the best coaches ever. But many don't understand that, as a Milwaukee journalist well put it, "Long before Bill Belichick became a genius he was the moron head coach of the Cleveland Browns."


(Source: MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, Wisconsin, 11/23/2006, Thursday, PP Edition, by Richard Pufall, Winning Has Made Belichick a Lot Smarter, Z Packer Plus section, p. 3.)


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Guest Ghoolie

Bill Belichik was not a bust in Cleveland. HE took the Browns to 11 - 5 and a playoff berth, beating the Patriots. Truth be known, had pussy Derrik Alexander hung on to Vinny's pass on a thrisd down Steeler blitz the Browns would have kept their momentum and in all likelyhood went up 7 zip with MOMENTUM.


The following year, NO COACH could have done any better.


I applauded Bill Belichik for booting Kosar out on his ass, and for PRIVING the the OL is a dime-a-dozen proposition.


Our offense couldn't do shit, exit Bernie Clumsar, enter Vinny T and all of a sudden the Browns were able to move the ball. WOW, same OL.


IN any case, I predicted when they fired him that he would be a SB winning head coach before the Browns ever got to a SB. hat was in 1995? 96?


IN any case, the guy was a great coach then just as he is now.


You guys LOVE this MENTORING bullshit, don't you? Look McFLy, EVERYONE learns things as they go through life but a leopard doesn't change its spots.


The browns were a mess and Bill B got us back to the playoffs.


A ++++++++ as a Cleveland head coach.


The people of Cleveland are idiots and wouldn't know football if one hit them in the nuts.

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Belichick is a moron.


I never understood the slurp-fest with this guy, how can you be a bad coach with Tom Brady on your team? Spygate should give everyone an idea on what this guy had to do to win games.






.... an'at



I guess he was a real bust this year without his star QB and still going 11-5 with the late round draft pick matt cassal who never stated a college game.e]


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