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Sooners = Buffalo Bills


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I want to see ESPN and the like now go out and criticize the Big 12 for the Sooners losing their FIFTH STRAIGHT BCS BOWL GAME, including 3 national title games. But you wont. They just like to criticize the Big Ten.


That said, I was for Florida all the way........ because:


1. No way OK should have jumped Texas (take Texas game vs OSU out of the equation - that is after the fact).

2. You have to root for a kid like Tebow, who does things the right way and is a good role model, especially with all the ME FIRST attitude of many of the athletes we see today. Even his off the field stuff is admirable of a 21 year old.

3. Stoops - his running up the score at the end of the year caught up to him when he actually had to play a team with a defense.

4. Nick Harris - saw him earlier this year and all he did was run his mouth and take cheap shots at people. He stayed true to himself after tonight.


Good game.

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