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Cleveland's five best and five worst things about being a sports fan


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Just Came across this article on net from The Morning Journal, the excert below I think protrays exactly just what us Browns fans are like and feel




3. THE INBRED CIVIC LOYALTY TO THE BROWNS — The real tragedy of what's happened to this once proud franchise isn't that the team is so bad, it's that so many people still care so much about it, AND the team is so bad. To have its heart ripped out by having its team ripped out of its clutches, followed, upon its return, by 10 embarrassing years of mindless bumbling and stumbling — to have endured all that and to still be so blindly loyal and passionate. This is the very essence of the bond professional sports can have with generations of un-rewarded fans who, based on nothing more than the sanctity of their own moral fabric that "this is what we do, this is who we are'' keep coming back Sunday after Sunday, year after year, sellout after sellout, hoping for the best. It's also why, and exceedingly proper that, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is closer to Cleveland than any other NFL city.



I know the likes of myself and Howiedawg, would be of the same mentailty if we had the ability to go to Browns games every week and follow them through all these bad years.


So lets hope this year might finally be the start of better times again for this amazingly supported Team !!!!!!


The Morning Journal - Clevelands five best and worst things about being a sports fan



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