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If Andy Reid loses


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You thought Cowher was bad in AFC Championship Games, look at The Eagle's Andy Reid. If he loses Sunday he is done in Philly and a new coach will have to be found.




They made it to a Superbowl and lost to the better team so why does that mean Andy Reid sucks?


Not for nothing, but did ANYONE on this planet have Philly tabbed to be in the NFC Championship Game about 5-6 weeks ago? I'm sorry but I'm not seeing a horrible football coach. He just works in a place where they even boo Santa Claus


Do you realize this is the 6th NFC Championship Game they've made since Andy Reid drafted McNabb instead of Ricky Williams back in 1999?


The ONLY thing working against Andy Reid is that he's never had the BEST team in the NFL. They've just been one of the best coached teams. Philly fans aren't wired to GET this. All of the same people that thought their only future was Ricky Williams were calling in all the talk radio shows saying Andy Reid needed to be fired. Guess who's STILL playing football this week end? Andy Reid's team - led by McNabb, not to be confused with Ricky Williams.

- Tom F.

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