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CLIMATE EXPERT'S GRIM WARNING: Barack Obama has only four years to save the world....

Mr. T

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CLIMATE EXPERT'S GRIM WARNING: Barack Obama has only four years to save the world.... :lol:



Chicago – Coldest Temps in Over a Decade



Wisconsin Authorities Warn of Dangerous Cold



Des Moines Overnight Temps Hit -20, Wind Chills -50



Bone-Chilling Temperatures Settle Over East



Flint, Michigan Breaks 95-Year-Old Record


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Just like some of us have been saying for a long while, ...


the alleged man made global warming was a politically/emotionally manipulation to

accrue support for the Dem party, and to gain power over peoples lives, and

most of all,


their $$$$$$.


It's been record freezing temps here in Ohio, all over the country it's been arctic

freezing temperatures.


At -25 wind chill factor here in Ohio from the arctic air... it can't be melting up there.


A lot of libs just LOVE a good rally. Some join cults.


I can only hope a bunch of good folks will let their SUV's idle for 10 minutes to


raise the temp around here. "git yer motor running....head out to the highway...

gonna raise the global temp... and lay out in the tropics..."


I did, however, get to fire up the John Deere with a 6' snowblade on the back. Works GREAT.





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There IS a reason that the buzz phrase over the last couple years has shifted from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change."


Don't expect any of the indoctrinated to actually take anything from the actual weather - because it's all due to the evil-capitalist-pig-dog caused "Climate Change"....whether we're burning up or freezing.


Let's just keep this political and declare "the debate is over" to anyone who disagrees, no matter what planetary (as in almost every other planet we've been able to study) science has taught us about how a planet's climate changes with no help whatsoever from middle class white soccer-moms and their SUVs.



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