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This Week In The Nfl Playoffs


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The Great Zomboni went three and one last week because he couldn't stomach picking Baltimore. I'm still not picking them to win, but I'll take them against the spread with a 9.5 cushion. I think three games are cut and dry this week ... SF v. GB gives me fits though. Do you go with the better, healthier team ... or the better, proven QB?


Baltimore at Denver 4:30 Sat

I think the Ravens will be game. They've got an offense that match Peyton score for score, but in the end Denver's defense is one play better and Denver's QB is two plays better. BRONCOS 33 RAVENS 27


Green Bay at San Francisco 8:00 Sat

This game is real interesting from every angle. I think the 49ers should beat them ... but I just have an "Aaron Rogers Pulling A Win Out Of His Ass" feeling about this one. PACKERS 24 49ERS 23


Seattle at Atlanta 1:00 PM Sunday

I don't think people realize how badass the Falcons are. Cinderella gets bitchslapped. FALCONS 23 SEAHAWKS 10


Houston at New England 4:30 PM Sunday

Not feeling the blowout here that many are expecting. But not seeing the Patriots first-game choke that some are expecting again either. I'm think a well-played entertaining game in which Brady has the ball last. PATRIOTS 34 TEXANS 31

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