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Top Ten Reasons I Am Rooting For The 49Ers


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10. San Francisco is a better city. In fact San Francisco is a way cool city and Baltimore is a shithole. Pacific shoreline, mountains, redwoods, cable cars, Clint Eastwood, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, Sourdough Bread, Ghirardelli Chocolate versus Crabcakes & Crack. Hell, I even like Rice-a-Roni. And everyone knows I love homos, they are funny as hell. Let's just make this reasons 10 thru 6.


5. If the 49ers win they will tie Pittsburgh with 6 Super Bowls ... but with a perfect record.


4. Mark-o "called his shot" and locked in SF in Pro Pickem for the championship round before the AFC Championship was even over. Classic move. Now everyone has to take Baltimore or look like a pussy going for the tie.


3. Baltimore is in the AFC North. I don't get this mentality where you root against a team all year and then root FOR them in the post-season. I hate Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Baltimore. The only time I ever root for any of them is if 1) they are playing each other or 2) if they win it helps the Browns playoff odds. Neither of those things can ever happen in a a Super Bowl, so I will always root against them ... even if they were playing Dallas.


2. Ray Lewis and his posse left two little guys dying of stab wounds on the streets of Atlanta, then he tried to get away, cover it up and lied about it. He was convicted of felony obstruction of justice. This really happened.


1. Art Modell moved the Cleveland Browns. To Baltimore. To the cheering throngs of fans that called us crybabies.


I don't get Browns fans who are softening on Modell, the move, or his Hall of Fame candidacy. They say it was just business, and share the blame with the city of Cleveland. That is bullshit. What about the businesses of the 80,000 people who showed up every week? What about the beer vendors, the security guards, the groundskeepers? What about the sponsors, the advertisers, the vendors? All Cleveland people. All fucked over in an instant so that he could feel better about his personal financial situation. He would have been OK in Cleveland. The stadium would have come ... Pat would have been fine, David would have been fine, his heirs would have been fine ... He fucking stabbed each and every one of us in the back. How you can roll over and "admire" this man, I have no idea.


As for his HoF credentials ... please. Monday Night Football was going to happen whether or not he was on the television committee. Because it made sense. Moving one of the NFL's keystone franchises with a loyal fanbase that sold out the stadium win or lose? THAT does NOT make sense. That's just fucking horrible. And I don't care if the team he moved wasn't my team ... if it were the Washington Redskins, the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears ... I would have been mortified. I'm still mortified. And on the field ... he won a championship in '64 when he bought a franchise that had Jim Brown playing and Paul Brown's system ... then it took him 36 years, back when there were just over 20 teams, to win another championship ... and that was after he had grabbed his golden shower parachute and sold majority ownership.


I always say that I "hate" Pittsburgh more ... but I respect them. I have absolutely no respect for the city of Baltimore, Art Modell or the Baltimore Ravens. None.


How a Browns fan roots for that franchise is beyond me.


“I’m not about to rape this city as others in this league and others have done …. You’ll never hear me say, ‘If I don’t get this I’m moving. You can go to press on that one. I couldn’t live with myself if I did that." -- Art Modell Feb. 1994


Fucking rip them to shreds, Kaepernick.



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don't care who wins. just hope it's a good game.


got one friend who's a niner fan another who's a ravens fan and ray rice went to new roc HS which is about 15 mins away so a lot of people here that root for ravens because of that player. hat ray lewis. hope this elk antler shit blows up in his face before he makes it on the espn set and they get an omelet in their face.


modell will make into the HOF, like it or not.

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