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D Q Becoming My Favorite Player


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BEREA, Ohio – One of the Browns most respected players has a message for talented yet troubled teammate Josh Gordon: He’s running out of football “lives.”

Inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said the team supports the second-year receiver, who will miss the season’s first two games due to drug suspension, but that he’s exhausting chances at a young age. Another failed test might produce a season-long ban for a 22-year-old who’s an integral member of the franchise’s new vertical passing attack.

Jackson’s comments were part of a wide-ranging interview about leadership and the upcoming season.

“No matter how many bodies you put in front of him or people who speak to him, Josh has to be willing to make a change for himself,” said Jackson, the team’s defensive captain, in a phone interview. “I could talk to him all day if I wanted to. (Coach Rob Chudzinski) could talk to him all day if he wanted to, but it’s not going to do any good unless he takes that next step.

“He doesn’t have that many lives left . . . He’s got one more time to really straighten things up before he’s got to leave. I think he is starting to realize that.”

Gordon, who tested positive for marijuana three times in college, said again Monday the codeine that triggered his latest failed test was unintentionally ingested through cough syrup prescribed to him for strep throat in February. The league does not reveal the substance when announcing suspensions and fines.

The Baylor product said he didn’t take codeine recreationally and stressed that he’s staying clean. He apologized to the organization and it’s fans, noting he has much to prove. He also was contrite for Tweets of support for LeBron James and Miami Heat last month that irked some Cleveland fans.

Jackson, a 2006 second-round draft pick and the team’s most tenured player, believes Gordon is doing everything coaches are asking of him right now. Gordon enters training camp off a solid rookie season that saw him finish with five touchdowns and rank eighth in the NFL with a 16.1 yards per catch average. But the suspension coupled with the failed college drug tests are coming to define Gordon as much as his talents.

“These mistakes he’s making early on in his career people are watching,” Jackson said. “Players and coaches are watching. We all wish him the best. People make mistakes.

He doesn't have that many lives left ... I think he is starting to realize that.

“If he wants to last in this league and be successful and productive and have his word mean anything to anyone over his career I think right now would be the time to straighten those things out . . . He’s young and he’s going to have to learn quick in this business.”

Jackson does not just dispense advice to first and second-year players. A season ago, after Joe Haden drew a four-game drug ban, Jackson made reference to the star cornerback’s lifestyle and fleet of luxury cars.

“He’s a flashy guy,” the eighth year veteran told reporters. “Hopefully he’ll correct that issue with the cars one of these days. Get rid of ’em.”


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Been one of my favorites all along. Watching the team actually play, you see the guy all over the place making plays. He stands out. He's deserving of two Pro Bowl alternate slots. He's one of the five or so best ILBs in football over the past several years.

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I've always liked him, but after his 2 seasons off due to the torn pectorals, I thought DQ was done. I am elated that I was wrong. He is a great player, solid citizen & team leader. I hope Gordon & other young players listen to him & follow his example.



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If Gordon were a Miami area native then it would have been fine for him to root for the Heat. But he isn't. He was born and raised in Houston. He should be a Rockets fan. Of is he just a fucking FRAK. Of course, now that the Rockets got Dwight Howard maybe he is a Rockets fan.

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