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This Week in The AFC North


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No one knows our AFC North counterparts like The Great Zomboni.


TGZ continues to amaze and confound by correctly predicting the fates of the Ratbirds, Steelers and Bungles each year, and each week.


Last week the Great Zomboni was typically sharp: "Manning outscores Ravens", "Bears squeak by Bungles" and "Titans shock Steelers in Pittsburgh" he predicted ... those who doubted the crystall ball are now believers.


So this week, we have two nice and neat intra-division AFC North games.


The Great One could probably just mail this one in. But yet, he will look closely into his crystal ball, for he knows his most ardent followers bet their paychecks on his predictions. And they are all very wealthy men now.


Cleveland at Baltimore Sunday 1:00PM

My, how the defensive pendulum has swayed. The Ravens, who won two NFL Championships based on defense and leadership, let many of their best veterans walk and were scorched for 7 TD passes in their opener. On of those vets, Paul Kruger, walked into the huddle of a Browns defense that was simply stifling in the first half against Miami, before tiring out in the second half. And that was done while missing Ahtyba Rubin up front and talented rookie Barkevious Mingo on the edge in a front seven that could end up being one of the league's very best. Mingo will debut against the reeling Ravens, and the Browns D may increase on its total of 4 sacks last week with half a dozen or so Flacco pancakes. Offensively, young TE Jordan Cameron is emerging as a star in Cleveland, and while Baltimore tries to fix its pass defense this week they will be vulnerable to getting slashed by Trent Richardson. Browns win ... with room to breathe. BROWNS 23 RAVENS 13


Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Monday Night Football 8:40 PM

One of these teams will start the Season 0-2, which may be seen as a surprise around the league, but not around here ... because it will be Pittsburgh ... and I have been informing the masses of how they are slowly falling into suckitude for over a year now. Where is that Steeler running game? Where is the trademark cohesive offensive line firing off the ball? Why should anyone fear this defense? Yes, Ben is still the QB and Dick is still the defensive coordinator ... but these aren't the Steelers. Not that the Bungles are world-beaters ... but they have home turf and enough defense to keep the Steelers perplexed on offense and make it an All-Ohio first place tie in the highly predictable (to TGZ) AFC North. BENGALS 24 STEELERS 10


Last Week: 3-1

Season: 3-1

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What I think


Browns 17 Ravens 17

Steelers 13 Bengals 13


First time in NFL: History all 4 teams start the season 0-1-1


LMAO... It's very funny...


Steelers @ Bengals (-7)

Pouncey's loss for the year took away the glue from a patchwork line... all that's left is the proverbial spit and baling wire. It may have the final injury blow to an Offense that had the potential to be average. It's possible their defense, which remains respectable, will outscore them the remainder of the year.


The Bengals, my AFCN title pick, remains the most O/D balanced team in the AFCN... and for a few more weeks are arguably the ONLY balanced AFCN team.

Cinci 27 PTG 13


Browns at Ravens (-6.5)

Have I ever mentioned I love Defensive football? Then I ought to be in heaven watching this game... excepting I love great Defense over coming great Offense.... and clearly that will not be the case here. The O/U is laughable high at 43.5


The Browns are still a week away from being a decent Offense and a few weeks away from becoming a competitive Offense. Their weakest link is currently the O-line.

On the other hand the Ravens are already a competitive Offense whose best part is the O-line.

The strength of both D's is their front 7.

So in one match-up we have strength vs. strength and in the other, strength vs. weakness. And the latter may never be more dramatically on display than when Haloti Ngata lines up across from Oneil Cousins... "There Will Be Blood".


It's always darkest before the dawn...

BLT 27 CLE 13


Week 1

vs Spread 1-2-1

Heads Up 1-3

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I agree, I hate to pick the Rats over the Browns but I have to do it without Gordon in the lineup.


The Squealers are toast without Pouncey and Foote. Won't be too long before Rothlisbooger absorbs a kill shot that will shelve him for a couple weeks.

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If the Browns had Welker, they could score seven touchdowns vs Buttiwhore ratbirds.


But seriously, The Browns need to feature Bess more, and get Gurley and Cooper in there more.


And maybe put one of the big blocking TE's in the backfield as the fullback, and let him "chip"


ngata when he breaks through Cousins. And I'd be throwing to TR like crazy.


The upside is, that Cousins won't have to pretend to let them past him, thereby settting up

a screen more affectively. @@


Browns will win.

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if they weren't all playing within the division i'd say they'd all be 0-2 going into week 3.


the bengals are the most balanced of all the teams in the division and SHOULD knock the piss out of BR. and with so many defensive players leaving the ravens you'd think (with a well devised game plan) we'd actually be able to beat those guys for once.


BUT it's all a crap shoot. that's why i don't bet.


on any given sunday.

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Steelers @ Bengals (-7) Cinci 27 PTG 13 Final: Cinci 20 PTG 10 W/W


Browns at Ravens (-6.5) BLT 27 CLE 13 Final: BLT 14 CLE 6 W/W

Week 2 YTD

vs Spread 2-0 3-2-1

Heads Up 2-0 3-3


I'm all warmed up now...

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