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This Week In The Afc North


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Great Zomboni is getting ready to catch a plane ... Will try to fill in details later, hopefully.


Baltimore @ Buffalo 1:00 PM

Bills will be game but Ravens pull it out of their ass. RAVENS 17 BILLS 16


Cincinnati @ Cleveland 1:00 PM

Hoyer is for real ... As is Browns defense. BROWNS 24 BUNGLES 10


Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota @ London 1:00

Big Ben meets Big Ben. Cute. Then he meets Jared Allen and gets his spine snapped in two. VIKINGS 23 STEELERS 9



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BLT (-3) @ BUF

Ravens are still high from their demolition of the Texans...

Their D is gelling...

And it appears Rice will answer the bell...

More than enough to take the Ravens to win and cover.

BLT 24 BUF 17


PTG (-3) @ MN (in London)

Somehow I don't think Wenbley offers much of a home field advantage...

... and home field is about all the Vikes have going for them.

Steelers get off the schnide... and cover...

PTG 20 MN 13


Cinci @ CLE (+4)

Spread shrank all week from the opening +5 and for good reason.

Chud announced our QB would start (vs. our thrower).

Our D is better than Cinci's due to significant edge in speed...

Our offense now knows it can win...

Eff the points... Take the Browns to win outright...

CLE 27 Cinci 20

My cheeks are firmly planted on this party wagon...

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BLT (-3) @ BUF BLT 24 BUF 17 Final: BUF 23 BLT 20 L / L


PTG (-3) @ MN (in London) PTG 20 MN 13 Final: MN 34 PTG 27 L / L


Cinci @ CLE (+4) CLE 27 Cinci 20 Final: CLE 17 Cinci 6 W / W


Thru 3 Week 4 YTD

vs Spread 5-4-1 1 - 2 6-6-1

Heads Up 5-5 1 - 2 6-7


Need a new cyrstal ball... this one only sees Browns games for which I'm 4-0...

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