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Code Red......for Obama is the One Anointed One (media bias)

Mr. T

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Code for Obama is the One



Our nation has lost the ability to think critically. We have substituted hype for reason, emotionality for justice and compassion, and doubletalk for truth. Sycophantic university students are brainwashed by leftist professors who ban dissent, and hardly anyone reads widely anymore. Basically, America is almost completely a nation of idiots, who've thrown away books in favor of mindless television watching. The masses sway from politician to the next, placing on their hopes and dreams on their (false) messiah candidate. Most Obama supporters are unaware of Obama's voting history, his leftist ideology, or that he supports murder of newborns, a form of socialism, defending pedophiles, and even apparently terrorism. He has refused to condemn terrorism by his friend Bill Ayers (who was even described by an anti-war protestor as fascist terrorist), and he has refused to condemn the anti-Semitic, racists remarks by one of his prominent supporters, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, a separatist organization that hates white people and Jews.


? Obama opposed punishments for gang members.


? Obama refused to vote for a bill to keep perverts away from kids


? Obama voted against keeping porn away from children.


? Obama was the ONLY senator to vote against keeping pedophiles in prison for their terms!


? Obama wants Sex Education for Kindergartners


? We Need a More Ethical Judiciary


? Obama's for gay marriage and adoption by gay couples.


? Obama is pro-abortion.


? Obama is pro-partial-birth-abortion


? Obama is irresponsible when it comes to discussing nukes and terrorism


You'll see that Obama is for open borders, partial birth abortion and even murder of newborns, and putting the nation deeper into debt by stealing from hard working, responsible taxpapers and giving free handouts to irresponsible, greedy mortgage companies and irresponsible, greedy borrowers. The only ones who opposed that are Republicans. You'll see that Obama is soft on crime and worries more about the criminal than the victim and justice, is more worried about a pedophile's rights than a kid's rights, and that those who support him often consider him some sort of (false) messiah, which is creepy to say the least.




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