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LeGarrette Blount (RB, Oregon) Suspended


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The guy I want to be the next Browns RB got suspended today. I bring him up a lot around here in draft threads, just thought I'd pass this on to anyone who cares.




Don't know exactly what he was suspended for. Fairly vague reason right now. But sort of rubs me the wrong way, because I love his size and style of play, but if he's going to get in trouble already, not a good sign.

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my initial instinct said yes on him for the supplemental draft, but dude missed 'various' team meetings during this offseason. if he can't handle 'the rigors of a major college football program,' then how can he possibly handle the NFL, especially once he gets any money whatsoever?


if there were someone we had who could keep him in line, i'd be more in favor of a move like this, but i think we'd need someone like ray lewis for that. it's actually entirely possible that lewis could be the only guy in the league who can single-handedly guide troubled/immature youngsters once they sign substantial contracts.


dammit, dammit, dammit. he looked like a great prospect to me before this. now he's maurice clarrett, just another immature idiot who doesn't know his place.

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Guest Aloysius
Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount said Saturday his indefinite suspension from the football team stemmed from missing winter workout sessions.


Blount’s suspension was announced Tuesday by UO coach Mike Bellotti for “a failure to fulfill team obligations.” Blount said the move related to his attendance at strength and conditioning workouts and not to academics, as widely speculated.


“School is not it,” Blount said Saturday afternoon at McArthur Court after watching the UO women’s basketball game. “I am academically eligible.”


Blount, half of the second 1,000-yard rushing tandem in school history along with Jeremiah Johnson last fall, said he was late arriving to Eugene for the university’s winter quarter. After missing workouts due to his late arrival, Blount said, he missed a number of others due to illness, leading to the suspension.


“They were just thinking I was not going and not participating in team activities, when that wasn’t the reasoning,” Blount said. “They don’t know how I feel. They don’t know if I’m hurting or not. But they’re just doing what they think is the best thing to do in that situation they’re in. So I respect their decision and I’ll be back in the spring.”




Blount said during the Ducks’ bowl preparations in December that he intended to return to school, but he acknowledged Saturday that he seriously considered leaving right up to the January deadline for underclassmen to declare.


Blount said his goal is to be selected early in the second round at the latest. He chose to return after consulting with UO coaches who he said were divided on his best course of action.


“Some said I should leave, some said I should stay,” Blount said. “They thought I could go pretty decent, for me having only been out here one year. I thought that was pretty good advice, but me personally, I thought I could come back another year and maybe make my draft status even higher, and hopefully get more money.”


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