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Putin more dangerous than IS?


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I'll start my response with the fact that I have a lot of respect for Putin as a leader. Yes, he was a KGB thug at some point. But now he is what you want for a leader - resolutely, unappologetically for his country. He doesn't bend to trends or political correctness. He embraces Christianity in the form of Russian Orthodox to be good for Russia.


Putin, and by extension, Russia are not a threat to the US in the same manner as ISIS - ISIL-HYDRA, but can pose threats that the stateless islamisicts cant.


Russia and China are beginning petro trade in units that are not U.S. dollars, and ending or just dilluting the U.S. dollar as the worlds reserve currancy can be bad, especially at 17 plus trillion in federal debt and in light of how inflated/dilluted our currency is due to years of quantitative easing. China would be less likely to mess around, because Americans love cheap chinese trinkets at WalMart, but Russia would probably have less problems with a currency war, especially if we keep messing around in places like Syria (home of Russian pipline/pipelines) and the Ukraine.


We, as a nation seem to keep repeating this :


Concerning ISIS/ISIL etc If were were not over there, would they want to be over here?

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