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Players shouldnt be chop blocking and that goes for all teams. Heyward was pissed because Thomas came at his legs on a chop block. I've done nothing but say good game and enjoy the win and I still have you dip shits coming at me like I'm saying otherwise. I read all week I and others were going to tuck tail and hide. I came here before it was over and said good win.


Edit. Steve mclendon went down in the first quarter, shazier, Jarvis Jones and ike Taylor.


Sort of like the way Kimo Von Cheapshotten took out Palmer's knee in the playoffs? You'd never convince me, or any living Bengal fan that it wasn't intentional. What goes around, comes around- that was far from a dirty block.


Yeah- I have a real long memory of "The Hines Ward Rule" now illegal to blindside a guy- that Ward made a living off of. Remember the Bengal punter that got a broken jaw out of a similar hit? And of Brown's nice high kick to the face of our punter? So don't go sanctimonious on me Vag.

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And your still a bitch... Your wife must wear the pants in your family..


How many times per year do you dress your wife up like a twinkie and try and crush the cream out? Earthquake.



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FINALLY a dominating win, no bullshit bad calls or penalties that would've changed the outcome of the game. This was a clear-cut beatdown of a good Browns team vs a bad Steelers team. Fantastic!


My voice is torn up a bit today from the excitement. Steelers fans were better at the stadium than Ravens fans this year, but that might be the difference between losing and winning.

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