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Which Team Not In 1st Has Best Chance To Win Division?


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Yup those were their 3.


NE and GB are tied for first...


I like our chances, but Timmah's choice seems the safest, Denver at 1/2 game out due to bye-week and SD being pretty good...

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May need to tag this as a humor thread :



10. Cleveland Browns


Hoyer has made the Browns a fun team to watch

They’re still a long shot, but that doesn’t mean the new version of the “Cardiac Kids” don’t have a chance. A couple of miracle wins – at home against New Orleans and last week in Tennessee – has the Browns feeling confident, something that can snowball into sustained success. Once they start believing they can get it done, anything is possible in Cleveland, especially if Brian Hoyer can consistently play at a high level.


Title = Cleveland Browns named one of top surprise Super Bowl contenders





Should probably add this here as well :



Nick Smith @eulogy68 2h2 hours ago In the last 24 hours I've heard Bill Cower and Jerome Bettis say watch out for the #browns I like it! @NathanZegura

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