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Six year old Browns Fan from central PA refuses Squealer cap present


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First thing I thought of before I read it is you basically telling your dad and brothers to fuck off, you were a Browns fan lol. Very similar



That was me 44 years ago. Except my Dad was a Steeler fan. I didnt give a shit. Fuck the Steelers.


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I once sent the same letter to EBAY, offering to sell or trade a Steeler hat..............


These are the responses I got...............


  • One guy offered me his shit and told me I could keep that hat.
  • A woman told me to shove the hat up my ass
  • Kordell Stewart offered to blow me, wear the hat, and autograph my nutsack
  • Ebay booted me off and also told me to shove the hat up my ass.

You think this is fiction? Not really, wait until the Steelers are 4 - 8 and just see how little their fair-weathered bullshit is worth.

I literally laughed out loud reading this.

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