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Evidence grows that illegal immigrants brought the entero virus to America's kids


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That's evidence that Obamao has enabled kids to die, and be paralyzed, etc. of this disease.


Which btw, Obamao insists we don't close our borders to Liberian citizens.

Why? Because...it would hurt their economy. They are black, you know.


But hey, Obamao finally stayed in town, and didn't go on a political funds raising trip.

What happened? A second nurse caught ebola. And traveled by plane to cleveland, and

to Dallas.


Btw,....that nurse was....black.



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Well, smelly woodypeckerhead, I didn't say that at all.


All I did, was post FACTS. That second nurse WAS black.


And those poor, destitute folks in Liberia ARE black.


And only then, after so many times flying out of town on a lark

to attend fundraisers and go on vacation while there were scandals

and crises occurring....


he stays home. right on cue. I simply left the conclusion about his timing to others.


Go back and read Diehard's conclusion about you. He nailed it.


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