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This Week in The AFC North


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The Great Zomboni has shown once again that no one knows the AFC North like the TGZ. In fact his reputation has grown so strong that the Browns have invited him to come to Jacksonville tomorrow to give the team an extra boost. So, I gotta start packing, so let's get on with the picks:


Atlanta at Baltimore 1:00 pm

Should be an exciting game, I give Atlanta a slight edge on both sides of the ball and a nice road win to get their season back on track. FALCONS 37 RAVENS 34


Cincinnati at Indianapolis 1:00 pm

Regional battle between similar teams, should be another good one. I'll give the edge to the team with the clutch QB and the clutch FG kicker. COLTS 31 BUNGLES 30


Cleveland at Jacksonville 1:00 pm

Browns fans are nervous about a letdown against the Jags who have been very pesky in several of their games. Don't worry Browns fans, this team is different. They will run well, they will throw well, and they will get turnovers against the rookie QB. BROWNS 37 JAGUARS 20


Houston at Pittsburgh 8:30 PM Monday Night Football

Steeler fans seem depressed this week that their team is not very good anymore. 8-8, 8-8, 3-3 ... what took you so long to catch on? Even native Western PA dirtbag Bret Michaels is trying to rally the yelow flag-waving faithless to believe. Let me just settle down the masses and shoot them up with a dose of TGZ reality: You're playing Texas, you'll win this week. And then you'll drop back to .500 next week ... because THAT'S WHO YOU ARE. It's been over for years. STEELERS 17 TEXANS 13


Last Week: 3-1

Season: 14-8



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Have fun at the game. Before I picked up season tickets in 06, JVille was a must go game along with Carolina, Atlanta,Cincy, Nashville and Indy..you might also include NOLA and Tampa.....my folks had Bucs season ticks for many years which my brother kept up until 2-3 years ago. Now, none are must go games. I will probably go to the Atlanta game, especially if we keep winning. I think you said you were going to that game. If so, and I do, we will have to meet up pre-game. Closer to the time, PM me and we can exchange numbers and work out some plans.

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Cincinnati (+3.0) @ Indianapolis

Cinci sucks it up for a big effort but mistakenly puts their emphasis on suck...

Indy is growing together with its emphasis on Luck...

Young Andrew's career is now in overdrive... he's gonna make a lot of bucks...

Not expecting a great game, but should deliver a few yucks.

Prediction: IND 38 CIN 20

Final: IND 27 CIN 0 - W/W


Atlanta (+7.0) @ Baltimore

BLT is emerging as the class of the AFCN east of Ohio.

ATL is emerging from their dome in time for Fall when the hopes that sprang during their TC-long, film session wither and die. Here's one more Hard Knock to add to their growing collection.

Prediction: BLT 31 ATL 19

Final: BLT 29 ATL 7 - W/W


Houston (+3.5 ) @ Pittsburgh

A once great rival from the Steeler Hay Day comes to town for a Nationally broadcast MNF tilt. If there was ever a scenario to rally the flaggin' Steelers for one more effort, this is it. Unfortunately, it ain't happening.

Houston's D is real and really good even without Clowney. And they can run the rock.

Prediction: HOU 27 PTG 16

Final: PTG 30 HOU 23 - L/L


Cleveland @ Jacksonville (+5.5)

Maybe.. maybe had we not shit our own bed last year we'd have a chance to blow this game, but since we did...

The team is focused. The D has been simplified. The Offense is hot.

Prediction: CLE 34 JAX 17

Final: JAX 24 CLE 6 - L/L


Weekly Results . Prev .. .. Crnt . . YTD

Straight-up ......... 13-8-1 .. 2-2 ... 15-10-1

Vs. the spread .... 16-6 ..... 2-2 ... 18-8

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Hoyer showed why he is a career back up. Time to give JFF a try.

lol... no way...


Not a good game by Hoyer, but I'm pretty sure it was a worse one by our O-line...

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fuck you. who goes by the name of some dirty fat woman's underwear?


you do.


you only show up when you know someone's down to be kicked, punk.

Screw you,ya drunk.

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1 awful game and you call for the backup QB. Classic Cleveland response..

I'm not here to throw gasoline on the fire but hoyer does not have a good completion percentage or better stated he's not consistent and has survived on big completions for scores most of the season. One game with over 70% and others with less than 50%.


Looks like every team in the NFL is a professional team after all.

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O line laid a big fat zero today

Kinda hard when you lose your center, whose the best in the league and your best pass rusher.. I know its no excuse.. but you just cant suddenly change the law of physics in to something,that it is not...

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HA. that's all you got you washed up crooner?


how's your one man show going at the AMVETS?



yeah.. drink some more so I can laugh at your asinine comments.. keep it up chumlee.. your entertaining,at least :P

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even I was hoping to see Johnny today, just for a spark and some experience for him.

If the Browns had a insurmountable lead.. then you stick JFF in... you cant expect an inexperienced QB to come in cold and light it up.

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I meant like a 2 play series with Johnny, like NO or BAL

I mean, just SOMETHING

What the hell else did the O do that seemed like a better idea? Throw the ball every 1st down, and go 2nd and long to basically start your drives. Running wasn't working. So we were screwed either way.

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