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Possible outbreak in Cleveland


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Members of the Cdc have been scouring the city trying to contain the spread of a new strain of Ebola. There are no confirmed cases of yet, but authorities do believe if Cleveland is victorious this sunday against the Jaguars, several people could show signs or symptoms.


The Strain: Super Ebowla.


People should be cautious and on the look out for people carrying this strain. Signs and symptoms would be:

1 alcohol on breath

2 unshaven, maybe some orange fuzz stuck in the coarse facial hair.

3.they will mumble....we have a chance...then start every sentence with "if".


Treatment: there is none. Just have to see the season play itself out. There is an 80 percent survival rate, but 20 percent show discoloration to yellow and black or orange and teal


If you have anymore information regarding this Super Ebowla outbreak. Please post it here.

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Actually it is reported that there will be far worse Ebola :lol: symptoms such as foaming at the mouth, increased Tourette's syndrome (most often associated with the exclamation of obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks) and suicidal ideation if the Browns lose the game.

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nice piece of posting kvoethe. i see 100s of memes with that theme and is a great setup for jokes.


after reading just 2 of the symptoms i was like 'damn, that sounds like me!'


but no doctors. never let them cut you open. you have better chances fighting off whatever ails you than letting you inner body be exposed to the 'air' in one of those death camps.

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