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If the Playoffs started today Oct. 21

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today, these are the teams that would be in it:


AFCE Patriots 5-2

AFCN Ravens 5-2

AFCS Colts 5-2

AFCW Broncos 5-1

Wildcards: Chargers 5-2, Bengals 3-2-1



NFCE Cowboys 6-1

NFCN Lions 5-2 (win tie break over Packers

NFCS Panthers 3-3-1

NFCW Cardinals 5-1

Wildcards: Eagles 5-1, Packers 5-2


In the hunt: every other team still, really


In the hunt for the #1 overall draft pick: Raiders 0-6, Jaguars 1-6, Jets 1-6, Bucs 1-5

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