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Feeding the homeless is now illegal in 33 cities.


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The progressive marxists demand that the homeless and poor be

totally dependent on the GOVERNMENT - that way they can

manipulate the votes to the dems, because it depends on the voters'

free stuff - more of it, all the time.

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Many around here know I am very conservative.


The measures taken are more aimed at where these people can be fed. Cleveland is a great example.


Food trucks from the various missions line up at Public Square to feed the homeless, but this is right in front of two of the most expensive hotels in the area. I have no fear of homeless people, and hand out my fair share of money and buy my fair share of lunches for people in need, I might have been one in a past life or one in this life without a few breaks, but I don't want to walk out of a top hotel to find dozens to maybe 100 sleeping on the sidewalks waiting for the next meal.



There is a balance to be had.



I'll buy a meal for anybody I want, anywhere I want, and I do it often. Try and stop me, but no, you don't need mass mission feedings in front of tourist attractions or residential neighborhoods. It isn't good business as a city. As a city you want as many out of town money spent. That's how you grow the pie. You can only pass the same money around for so long before you shrink. You don't want to scare off the out of town money. In the 2-3 days they are there they leave behind $1000 and use up maybe $1 in toilet flushes and maybe 75 cents of a pot hole in their limited driving, and 50 cents of hotel room trash..


I agree with the laws. Move a few blocks down.

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this pretty much sums up the liberal left ideas - stir the pot cuz we aint got no idea how to really fix this problem....



"Michael Stoops, director of community organizing for the coalition and the editor of the report"


where have we heard of this job title before?


While all this blather about "criminilization" being told in this "scathing" report on dining al fresco,


the homeless can get fed inside most churches or organizations that still provide services.


Stoops is wasting everyones time and the gubment resources in compiling this "official" report.


looks pretty cool though - http://nationalhomeless.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Food-Sharing2014.pdf


me thinks its a college thesis?

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Why didn't they just tell them to hand out food in some more acceptable place?


Designate a parking lot, often completely empty on weekends, as a good place.


I get what Ballpeen said, but the failure to move the feed the homeless operation,

instead of threatening them with arrest....


don't get it.

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Yeah, the one time I was in San Fran on a business seminar...


there were homeless parked over grates, some walking and begging on the

street in front of the hotel and seminar complex.


Don't like that - you never know when one will pull a knife or something.

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Yes in my experience they don't want food they want money. I always offer to go across the street and buy a meal but they never accept. Well one guy did, bless him, I went to the Burger King and got him a whopper fries and a coke and he was happy as a clam and sat down at their little picnic table to eat.


another bump in the Short North in Columbus said he was hungry and there was a fast food place right there. I offered to buy him something and he said no man I can't eat that stuff. I gots to have white castle. I said well where is White Castle? He said Oh it's on the other side of town...

Once a guy said he needed money so he could buy a drink. I gave it to him, at least he was honest.



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