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Which team to support?


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Hi I'm unsure which team to support lol I'm Welsh (United Kingdom) and am starting to become a big american football fan :)


I got into it through my mates we all played rugby professionally and a couple of them played in Chicago and stayed hence our fantasy team it's a way of keeping in touch and keeping the friendship banter alive. My mates want me to support the bears and have sent me hats and I've been to Chicago a couple of times but I find myself not wanting to support them (banter purposes)


So want some thoughts on Cleveland and the team, I'm 30 and hope to vacation soon so is Cleveland nice? Will be honest it's the browns or dare I say it jets eek!!!! Only because easy to fly to and my former rugby club had green jerseys, but I have to ask the browns question as my fantasy team contains a number of brown players and for some reason I find myself drawn to them :)


Thanks in advance

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1. You're posting this in the Cavs forum, which is the Basketball team.


2. We have several English members on here, if you search you can find them. GFT, Howie, London, etc. PM them and ask away.

your avatar is a ninja

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