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I refuse to take my browns shit off


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This was a beat down ...and against these front-running , pumpkin wearing, zero knowledge of NFL history fags... I'm not going to sleep tonight... Cannot wait for the sun to come up




With no running game prior, national TV, heart warming story in bungal favor, against a "better team" , on the road.... aND We kicked their ASS !!!!!!!!!!!


Most satisfying regular season win since 2003 easily.... I have been waiting for this beat down. Sure, we always have the hatred for that black and yellow....but for me....living in this area since 1978....beating the front running fags is most enjoyable.


Where to begin ? Hoyer the destroyer ? Gang,... He's a freakin winner !!!! Coaching staff ???... Gang, Kyle shanahan is gone next year--- that game plan was almost perfect .... there's no way another franchise doesn't hire this guy....he's awsome. Our defense ?.... They only get better...they just starting playing together...our FA additions ???? Where is the bad move ????


Let's lose out...I don't care.... We kicked the bungal ass tonight....freakin who dey crap...the single most lame battle cry in the history of sports --- stolen from the saints---- it gives the opposing fan great comebacks.... ummm "who dey"? ....ummm the Browns...fn dumbasses... No originality in anything they do....that's why we are at 8 championships and they are at .....wait for it...... ZERO !!


Art did us a favor.... We won't all realize that until we ingrave another championship in the history books...I think that day will come...maybe not now, but we will rise again ...it's only a matter of time. Tonight is a prelude to things that are coming are way.


Great night for the faithful


We are the story again... Like all pre-season....special times are on the horizon....and it's about time....if front-runners join in--- well... I will say this.... " if someone is front -running and joining our fan base...point them out... YOU DONT LIVE IN CINCINNATI !!!!!!"


Screw you Sam whyche, Dave lampom, Alan cutler ( you are a fag, go back to Lexington ky TV ), Chris collinsworth, boomer , icky coke head woods, and most of all nick lashey-- the ultimate duch-bag...UC college basketball hasn't been relative since I was swimming in my daddy's sack !


Go Browns !!!!



Bermeck (now that's how to talk sports banter...you fuckers on here who said I was a Johhny come lately- over the manzel crap... I was here in 1995 (aol)... Yeah that's right, we were here when you were in diapers...screw off)

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