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Browns getting national recognition

The Cysko Kid

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I've noticed something. Google this week's power rankings. Nearly all of them feature the browns in their promo pictures. The browns are getting love everywhere. Read the comments. Watch Espn. Everyone that's not in Pittsburgh wanted the return of the Cleveland Browns to prominence. It feels good. It is good. Here we go, Browns.

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Started the season at #29 and we are now #11 on most of the power rankings.


We've now passed some really good teams and all our rivals including the Stoolers, Ratbirds, Bungles, 49er's, Saints and Chargers.


Things are going very very well.


My preseason prediction of 9-10 wins is really looking good, but NOW im thinking it should have been 11 or better

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Couple mentions in this article :





1. My favorite 'Dangerous Teams' right now: Cleveland officially joined the list Thursday night with a 24-3 win over Cincinnati for their third straight win. It is time to put Mike Pettine in the conversation for Coach of the year. A 10-6 record might be a stretch, but it is a possibility and whether they make it to the postseason, the Browns are back!



2. These guys aren't household names, yet: I should dedicate more time in this space to the defensive players who aren't considered stars on their teams but played like stars over the weekend. This week there some terrific performances by the guys who aren't easily recognized when walking down the street.

. . .

Desmond Bryant of the Browns came into a big divisional game with the Bengals without a sack, but finished up with two sacks, six tackles, two tackles for a loss and two hits on the QB.



4. The team model going forward: An interesting phenomenon is developing in the NFL that really didn't exist years ago. Draft a quarterback, never play him and let him go when his rookie contract expires -- or trade him late in his rookie deal for pennies on the dollar.

It happened when Ryan Mallett who was drafted in the third round by New England but never got on the field because Tom Brady never missed a game and was traded this year before his contract ran out to the Houston Texans for a late-round pick. He was named the starter in Houston.

As I watched Brian Hoyer lead the Cleveland Browns to a 24-3 road win over the Bengals, it occurred to me that when the Browns finally drop a big contract in his lap, we may never see Johnny Manziel on the field before his rookie deal dwindles down.



Some odd and ends:

Making money as we speak: Brian Hoyer just keeps hitting the cash register and this week was his biggest heist. He's not a superstar or even an elite quarterback by NFL standards, but he will have multiple teams willing to pay him between $8 million to $10 million a year next year and the price is only going up. The Browns are in first place and if they make the playoffs the Andy Dalton deal will be waiting for him. If he wins a playoff game it might be time to be talking Jay Cutler.

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