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‘Dozens’ of Potential Terrorists in U.S. Under Watch, Cherto


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‘Dozens’ of Potential Terrorists in U.S. Under Watch, Chertoff says


Associated Press

October 29, 2008

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the federal government is monitoring “dozens” of potential terrorists in the U.S.


Chertoff tells The Record of Bergen County the government has quietly blocked “dozens” of potential terrorists from entering the country in recent years.

Chertoff says he can’t say for sure whether the people kept out would have carried out a plot.

The New Jersey native says America is still a terrorist target.

Chertoff says there is a risk that some would see opportunity during the transition between administrations.

Chertoff says he doesn’t want to stay with Homeland Security after a new president is in office and the lawyer says he doesn’t have a job waiting.

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