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Pre-Draft: How Will the Browns Do?


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I just thought it would be funny to look at the Brown's opponents before and after the draft/free agency and predict how their season will end up. They play Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Oakland, San Diego, Jacksonville, Green Bay, and Minnesota at home. They go to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Denver, Buffalo, Kansas City, Chicago, and Detroit.


Home Games

Pittsburgh- I think the Browns can play well, but will ultimately lose.

Cincinnati- Close game, but the Browns win

Baltimore- I honestly think that the Ravens good season was due to the excitement of the new coach. Flacco will cool off and that defense is aging. I think that the Browns will win in a close one.

Oakland- They are a mess (even more than the Browns) and Al Davis is losing it/lost it. Browns win.

San Diego- They get back on track this year and probably beat the Browns in Cleveland.

Jacksonville- We already beat them this year in Jacksonville. This should be another win.

Green Bay- I really think that there is a lot more talent then just a 5-11 team. They will be better this year. However I think that the tie breaker goes to Cleveland because they are at home.

Minnesota- They will probably pick up a quarterback this off season (maybe Anderson) which will compliment Peterson well. The Browns probably lose this one.


Away Games

Pittsburgh- Barring any major injuries to the Steelers, they probably roll us.

Cincinatti- It really depends if they play in Cincinnati early in the year or late. If it is early they can win. However if we go their at the end of the year, we have a bad record and the players don't care, then we will lose. I give the tie breaker to them because they are at home.

Baltimore- Same thing as Cincinnati: it depends when we play them. Again, I give the advantage to them because they are at home.

Denver- They are a mess just like Cleveland and we could/should have beaten them this year. I think that we pull out a victory this year based on the rookie head coach.

Buffalo- We beat them this year in Buffalo and i think that we do it again.

Kansas City- They are a mess and have a rookie head coach. If we don't win this then Mangina should be out of a job.

Chicago- They are better than they played last year and play well at home. We should lose this one.

Detroit- The worst team ever won't be too much better this year. Although I am very glad they didn't play Cleveland at the end of this year because they would have beaten us. The Browns win this one though.


So as I have it right now the Browns could go 9-7. However those games against Baltimore (home), Green Bay and Denver could go either way. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Browns go 6-10. However I am almost positive that we will end up somewhere between their.

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