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Winslow on the way out


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Hey, Tony: OK, I asked you this after the game against the Giants and I'm going to ask again. We're 2-0 with Winslow out and Heiden in. Wouldn't it just make more sense to use Winslow as the number two or three receiver since Heiden is a better all-around tight end? It appears the marriage may be over after this year so why worry about how it might make Winslow feel? Or is it better to keep him at tight end so hopefully his trade value moves up? -- Ryan Branford, Cameron, N.C.


Hey, Ryan: Just remember Winslow's tight ends coach at the University of Miami was Rob Chudzinski. That Hurricane bond is a strong one. I don't believe Winslow will be back with the Browns next season. That said, it will be interesting to see how he is used the rest of this year.


Hey, Tony: Do you think the Browns could get a first-round pick for Winslow in the off-season? If so, and the Browns trade Brady Quinn to the Vikings for two first-round picks, we could have a great infusion of young talent. What are some positions we would target with all of those picks? -- Joseph Krygrywski, Brunswick.


Hey, Joseph: Forget the Vikings rumor. They are not going to offer two No.¤1s for Quinn. It's an unsubstantiated rumor. Could they get a first-round pick for Winslow? My guess is the best they could do is a mid- to low-second. The targets in the draft should be pass rusher, linebacker, offensive tackle, running back, receiver, cornerback.

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Especially if Rucker is as good as advertised.


I'd like to see something from Rucker first before we get rid of a Pro Bowler for a draft pick.


Though if KWII is completely disgruntled (as it appears), we probably don't have a choice.

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