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Who is the best Player in the NBA


Best Player in the NBA  

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  1. 1. LeBron or Koby

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    • Koby

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I use to hate Kobe, and would have easily selected LeBron, but I don't know anymore. As a coach, I'd want Kobe, because he plays extreamly better without the ball an executing plays. Kobe is more skilled and has a better outside shot.


LeBron is all althlete, and perhaps one of the best finishers the games ever seen. He's also developed a pretty darn good outside shot, but everything is 'Ad lib'. Although LeBron has as well-rounded game as anyone in the league as well, and his shot blocking has been taken to a whole new level.


With all that said, I'm not voting ... I just don't know. They are differently-awesome players.

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great responses so far especially atenears


personally, my view is Kobe played in a great winning enviroment in a big market from day one...............and Lebron has transformed a losing shitty enironment into a winning one........


and yeah LeBron is a complete physical force


so I stick with my vote

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And LeBron has played with a pretty bad supporting cast his whole career, and most of his career is with a terrible offensive coach in Mike Brown. I'd blame Silas too, but that was with a completely raw LeBron and an even worse cast.


I think at the beginning of the year, LeBron was playing the best of his career. Letting Mo and Delonte run the offense more, taking less shots. I think when the team improves, especially if he stays and we get an all-star FA in 2010, we'll see how good LeBron can really be...and not just the athletic freak we usually see.


This is while Kobe has played with Shaq, and been coached by Phil Jackson.


Anyway, I'm always going with LeBron. The way he can dominate, especially in the playoffs, with scoring and passing, and he's only going to get better.

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As much as I can't stand Kobe as a person, I have a ton of respect for his game. He is the better scorer of the 2. He can clearly put up points in bunches. But as an overall player, his game still lacks the completeness that Lebron's has. Kobe will pass, but only when he has too. Lebron clearly looks to pass. Kobe has the attitude that he has to do it himself whereas Lebron knows he has to get his team involved in the game and he wants to do just that. Overall, Lebron is the better basketball player and the better athlete. I do, however, wish he had Kobe's jumper. If he did, then nobody would ever even ask this question again.

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