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Calhoun, Activist Go One-On-One After UConn Win


By MIKE ANTHONY | The Hartford Courant February 22, 2009


The first question of Jim Calhoun's postgame press conference Saturday had nothing to do with with UConn's 64-50 victory over South Florida, and led to a brief, heated exchange between Calhoun and Ken Krayeske, a freelance journalist and political activist.


"Coach, considering that you're the highest-paid state employee and there's a $2 billion budget deficit ... do you think ...?" Krayeske said.


"Not a dime back," Calhoun said. "I'd like to be able to retire someday. I'm getting tired."


Krayeske: "$1.6 million isn't enough?"



Calhoun: "I make a lot more than that. What was the take tonight?"


Krayeske: "I don't know. What's the deal with Comcast worth?"


Calhoun then asked Krayeske if he was "really that stupid" and said, "My best advice to you: shut up."


Calhoun continued, "If you want to talk to me outside, I'd be more than happy to talk to you. We're talking about basketball."


Krayeske then said of the rest of the media, "If these guys covered this stuff, I wouldn't have to do it."


Calhoun then got a little heated.


"Quite frankly, [the UConn men's basketball program] brings in $12 million to the university ... nothing to do with state funds. We make $12 million a year for this university. Get some facts and come back and see me. ... We turn over $12 million to the university, which is state-run. Next question."


According to a UConn spokeman, Krayeske had a photo credential. The spokesman said Krayeske had e-mailed during the week to say he was working on a UConn basketball story and needed photos to run with it.


Krayeske, 36, of Hartford, was arrested in 2007 and charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer at Gov. M. Jodi Rell's inaugural parade. The charges were later dropped.


The press conference continued without further incident.


One From 800


Calhoun's career record is 799-339 (551-202 in 23 seasons at UConn). He could become the seventh Division I men's coach to reach 800 victories Wednesday at No. 10 Marquette.


"I'd like to get into great company someday, but right now it's much more important for us to try to win a Big East championship," Calhoun said.


Keeping It Simple


UConn is looking to simplify what Stanley Robinson does. The coaches have told him not to shoot jump shots. Robinson did attempt a three-pointer Saturday, a miss that pushed him to 0-for-15 on the season, but he does have 18 points and 16 rebounds the last two games. "He's the most beautiful kid I've ever met, yet he drives me to distraction by the fact he's holding so many great things inside him at times," Calhoun said. "You've seen some great, great things that he's done and you kind of wait for the next one."


... UConn's bench play: Scottie Haralson, two minutes; Gavin Edwards, four minutes. ...


Calhoun on Craig Austrie (seven points, four assists): "I'm not taking Craig off the hook here.


I want more. Defensively, he's fine. Ball-handing wise, he's fine. But he's a better offensive player than he's showing."


... UConn continued a pattern of changing uniforms after a loss. The Huskies went back to white Saturday after wearing gray for home games during a 13-game winning streak.


... USF missed 18 of its first 21 shots. ... The Bulls were without Jesus Verdejo (foot), who averages 13.3 points.

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