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Obama is a flake. I gave him a chance. He's already named several mistakes to his cabinet.


The cartoon and DH's joke were both funny. @@

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cal gave obama a chance....... that has to be one of your biggest fabrications ever on this board.


The best is not his legilstive actions or international policies it was his cabinet choices that did it for Cal. NONE have been no where near as laughable as Bush appointees...... Fema, supreme court,attorney general... OK.

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I have been giving Obama a chance. He's playing the power socialist card to keep his leftist base happy.


He is making the same mistake they made back in the old days during the depression. What they did,


inadvertently lengthened the depression.


What on earth is wrong with Bush's Supreme Court nominees? I found great fault with Bush at times.


But you have to admit, he never went to create a socialist redistribute the wealth by government

decree and ownership of all industries...

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Guest Aloysius


I'm still waiting for your explanation of how Bush's Supreme Court nominees were laughable.


Where's the beef?

The Harriet Myers nomination was a little ridiculous, but the Roberts and Alito nominations were solid. They're a little too conservative for my tastes, but both are great legal minds & had prior judicial experience, which is a plus.


Can't really mock those picks...except for how awkward Alito was at his confirmation hearing.

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Good ole Al, always good to kick my butt on something... LOL.


Harriet Myers seemed to not be fluent in expressing herself and hadn't been a judge.


But, she doesn't seem to ever had a tax fraud problem, so she gets some legitimacy for that.


I did find this to be interesting: Bush tried to be buddies with Harry Reid. Riiiiight........

(from Wikipedia)


Meanwhile, then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), recommended Miers as O'Connor's successor.[16][17][18] Bush took the recommendation seriously, factoring into account suggestions by several senators that the nominee should come from outside the appellate court system.[19] This caused several commentators to draw parallels with the 2000 election, when Dick Cheney, the head of Bush's vice-presidential search committee, was ultimately selected as the running mate.[19]


Since September 1994, Miers has contributed to the campaigns of various Republicans (at about the same time she began to work for George W. Bush), including Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Phil Gramm, and Pete Sessions, with recorded contributions to Republican candidates and causes totaling nearly $12,000. Her earlier political history shows support for the Democrats during the 1980s, with recorded contributions to Democratic candidates and causes, including the Democratic National Committee, the Senate campaign of Lloyd Bentsen and the 1988 presidential campaign of Al Gore, totaling $3,000. Her last recorded contribution to a Democratic cause or campaign was in 1988. Ed Gillespie said that she was a "conservative Democrat" at the time.



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