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Trade down VERY unlikely


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In this economy and uncapped year next year...no one is going to move up into the top five. Trading into the 6~12 range 100% more likely. I read day after day trade down, trade down, trade down.....would absolutely love to!!! BUT It isn't going to happen. It takes two to tango. We will be stuck at five. Carve it in stone. The only question I have is, WHO IS WORTH the #5 pick, cause we aren't moving from there!!!


There are no Eli Mannings in this draft nor is there a Mike ditka out there....matt millen is gone! When you pick in the top 5 you pick the best player AT the "must" or NEED position on your team. to me It's MLB, Safety, C, OLB, WR, RG......Only position worth the # 5 is OLB,or Gamble on REY...of course you know what I want to do!


The hope was lost when it was revealed Crabtree had a fracture.... The ONLY chance we have now is Raji with 4 new teams playing a 3~4 IN NEED OF A NOSE T....about .001 percent chance. He may go #1 overall to Detroit, shwartz wants albert haynesworth type.

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i can't believe i'm saying this but........


If Crabtree is the real deal, why not grab him and add another weapon? He would make a great tandem with Braylon. His injury will heal and someone is going to pick up a heckuva player. If your going to pay top 5 money, shouldn't it be for a skilled position? At a minimum, we ought to be scouring those x-rays.


Besides, if they fix the defense, i won't have anything to bitch about.

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