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Oscar Redux

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Oscar Redux


So the Oscars are yesterday’s news, literally.

Rather than spend time gloating I guess I’ll kick myself for being too much of a wuss to drop a C note on the trifecta (or whatever they call it with five).

No real surprises happened despite a couple of curious snubs, namely Eastwood’s GRAN TORINO and DARK KNIGHT. Even though I liked those (as well as THE WRESTLER) better than the ones that made the cut I can’t pick a truly unworthy entry.

A few things surprised me and a few things didn’t but I can’t think of a shocker.

A few observations:

Sorry but I don’t get the landslide for SLUMDOG especially the best song win. That Bollywood stuff is pretty grating.

Frank Langella’s NIXON was the best acting on the board, but politics gave Sean Penn the win. Penn’s an above average actor but a world class A-hole.

Speaking of politics even though WALL-E was a visual masterpiece I think it was the ham handed environmental “message” that got the win. I liked BOLT a whole lot better.

You gotta love Ben Stiller’s take on Joaquin Phoenix.

Rumor has it that Demi Moore spent the evening patrolling the party she and Madonna hosted with a bouncer to eject anybody not on the guest list. I wonder If Penn and Bruce Willis tried to crash?

All in all the Academy did better than last years all time ratings low, though I can’t really imagine why.

And there was no Michael Moore, Al Gore or Keanu Reeves in sight.

That’s a good thing.



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