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Fured Up review

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Fired Up

Screen Gems

PG 13 90 min




Maybe I was just worn out from the hyper serious messages and heavy drama of the Oscars. Maybe it’s because the week after the awards is one of Hollywood’s dumping grounds. Whatever the reason I decided to write up one of the two most recent (and inconsequential) comedies.

Hmmmm… Tyler Perry? I think not. Let’s see, maybe FIRED UP? Let’s see. Who stars in this one? Oh nobody, but what’s it about? Ahh who cares; they can surprise me. I held my nose and marched right in.

Well here’s the deal. Nicholas D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen (who looks like but is probably not one of the Olsen twins) are Shawn and Nick two studly high school athletes on a mission to nail every girl in America. They devise a plan to infiltrate a cheerleading cam to obtain access to hundreds of hotties from all over the country then bail before camp’s over.

The first thing you’ll notice is that these guys look more like extras from MILK than jocks. The second thing that pops out is the cheesy dialog and right after that the shockingly bad acting. Yes dear friends, in five short minutes you know you’re strapped into one of the worst movies of the year.

But wait. As time went by and the shock from the bad acting and script began to wear off (BTW It doesn’t get better but you become accustomed to it, like marriage or prison) I actually stopped actively hating the movie. Sure I knew exactly what was coming; these bums are gonna come to self realization, bond with the cheerleading squad and find true love and blah blah blah but by the end I was actually rooting for them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a piece of crap but I must admit it goes in my guilty pleasures folder with my Belinda Carlisle box set.

There are a lot more gay jokes, vulgar sexual innuendo and cuss words than you’d expect in a PG 13 (plus they repeat the F U gag about fifty times, lest we forget) so you may not want to let little kids go. But to kill some time? I’m just saying…





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