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www.nfl.com/transactions also http://blogs.nfl.com/category/adam-schefter/


BROWNS Free agents....hadn't seen this posted b4:


Darnell Dinkins (TE) declared free agent.

Chase Pittman (DE) declared free agent.

Scott Young (G) declared free agent.

Kris Griffin (LB) declared free agent.

Sean Jones (S) declared free agent.

Jason Wright (RB) declared free agent.

Lennie Friedman (G) declared free agent.

Willie McGinest (LB) declared free agent.

Travis Daniels (CB) declared free agent.

Daven Holly (CB) declared free agent.

Andra Davis (LB) declared free agent.

Seth McKinney (G) declared free agent.

Mike Adams (S) declared free agent.

Shantee Orr (LB) declared free agent.

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I agree with waht the Browns are doing. Let them see what their value really is on the free market. None are core players. All are backup fills except Jones and Holly but Jones asking for 4 years at $36 million is stupid and Holly is coming off a zero season.

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Giving up on pittman? I thought Griffen was one of our better lb's... I'd resign adams if I could as backup. If Jones and adams leave we screwed...we'll need three new safeties....!


I think once they realize their real value some will resign. Griffin is a special teams player only. He can't play SILB and can only back up Jackson. But, he is a special teams asset. Adams is a backup and Jones needs a reality check. He's asking for mega bucks he can't get because of his health issues. I'd take him back at the right price but I would also look to draft a safety.

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...Jones asking for 4 years at $36 million is stupid...


It sure is.


Is that what he's really asking for? $9m per year? That's beyond stupid. The word stupid doesn't even come close to explaining how stupid it really is.



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