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A few things to look at


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I think I like where mankok is taking this. Look at what can happen:


If we do indeed trade B17 to NYG that would be a good trade. We would receive a stud outside linebacker in Mathias Kiwanuka. He would fill in that hole tremendously.


The BQ and Jay Cutler rumors are getting hot. The Browns would receive a quarterback who can bomb the football downfield. We can get a proven guy who's a gun slinger. The Broncos would get BQ who won't be a stud, but can manage and lead a team. They also receive Shaun Rogers who would play NT. Plus we would receive a 3rd round pick.


Another rumor circling is DA to Detroit. The only possible way that would happen is if we send DA and our 5th overall pick for their 1st overall pick- we would obviously grab Curry. This is unlikely, but it's a possibility. Another possibility is DA and the 50th overall pick for their 20th overall pick.


-These are just rumors circling around that I've heard of. The only ones I'm favored for are B17 to NYG and DA to detroit. I think BQ is not proven yet when he has just started two games in his career and we need Shaun Rogers at DT.


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Rumors man, that's all they are. Just some entertainment until something really happens.


Quinn isn't going anywhere, Rogers isn't going anywhere and crybaby Cutler surely isn't coming here. Now, Edwards, could be moved but speculation of that trade for Kiawanka is just something from someones imagination. If there was anything to that deal it wouldn't be all over the internet.



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