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what the -uck


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Just signing people to have them is no solution to the Browns' problems.


Mangini knows the players who will fit what he wants to do, and NOW he has a GM that will

work excellently with him, and who won't be screwing with him on decisions, like Savage did with Crennel.


Watch, wait and listen. It's the end result that we can judge.

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I don't think you'll get too many of the longtime Browns fans to bite on your negativity.


You can't build this team from the FA market.


Look at the solid franchises out there and try an emulate the structure and base building formula to acheive longtime goals.

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the first agent we pick up is a te

who thats what we really needed

please wake me when the next coach gets here

i don't know how much longer i can do this shit


Then don't watch. Give the new coach a chance. The Draft isn't even here and the negative jerks are already spouting about a next coach. Give it a break already. :rolleyes:

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