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Taking Christ's name in vain, Biden blasts biblical marriage 'bigots'

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Any support for this claim?




The fact is that far more people have been murdered by secular anti-religious regimes than by all the God-based groups in history.


In the last century alone...


Mao-Tse Tung’s atheistic regime in China killed between 40 million and 70 million people.


Joseph Stalin’s atheistic regime in the Soviet Union killed 20 million or more people.


Pol Pot’s atheistic regime in Cambodia killed about one out of every four Cambodians.


The North Korean atheistic regime has killed millions of its own people.


Nazism, an irreligious racist doctrine, killed as many as 17 million civilians.


The Hutus slaughtered Tutsis in Rwanda for ethnic and tribal reasons, not religious ones.


The 5.4 million Congolese killed in the last decade has nothing to do with religion.


And at this moment, as regards to Jews and the greatest Jewish existential question — that of Israel’s survival — the more religious the American Christian, the more likely he or she is to support Israel, while the greatest enmity toward Israel emanates from the center of secularism, the university. - D. PRAGER

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I don't know. I suppose the Egyptians along with many ancient cultures may have had a moral and ethical code they lived by...that said, they may have been of the opinion that the enslavement of the Israelites was not immoral.


That's one reason God wrote the 10 Commandments, and later through his Son JC paid a visit to earth....to set things straight on this morality shit.

So morals did not exist before the invention of a Christian/Jewish god?

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So morals did not exist before the invention of a Christian/Jewish god? Woody


OFFICIALLY? Gee, don't know - "didn't show up in Wikipedia.........

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