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Turns Out, Joe Biden Was Right About Dividing Iraq


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Biden may have been right all along about dividing Iraq into three regions (proving even a stopped clock is correct twice a day). Give the Kurds their region and the Sunnis and the Shia's their regions. Today we see a Shia Iraqi army trying to recapture Sunni territories back from ISIS. The problem is they have shown no willingness to fight. In Mosul the Iraqi army and police outnumbered ISIS by 30,000 to less than a thousand and the Iraqi army fled and left huge amounts of US military equipment behind for ISIS. We just saw it play out again in Ramadi where the Iraqi army again fled from ISIS even though they outnumbered ISIS and were better equipped militarily.


It is obvious the Iraq army is not going to fight ISIS in Sunni territory and now ISIS has vast amounts of military equipment that was left behind when Iraqi troops fled. As our military commander said Iraqi troops were not driven out of Ramadi they drove out. It seems crazy our policy will be to continue to try and train the Iraqi army and give them huge amounts of military equipment that just ends up in the hands of ISIS when they flee.


The Kurds will fight to keep ISIS out of their territory and I believe the Sunni's if given their own territory would fight to get ISIS out.




* still believe Obama made a huge mistake in pulling all our troops out of Iraq after it had been essentially secured which did lead to where we are at right now

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