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Five questions surrounding the cleveland browns


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Trade a RB huh? Interesting. Thanks for posting.

I would be surprised, but not shocked, if they could get a second for West maybe, if they're as high on Winston as they apparently are, and Johnson/Crowell can get it done.

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TE-Gresham-- The Mud Rule- No Division players on this team. Not a need and like our Depth and 3 we have period. West--Lots of ???'s on him will be answered once the playing time is established. Let it Play Out for Now IMO. West could buy in to his Role OR Talk his way out??

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As far as the QB, I would still say Josh McCown had no offensive line in Chicago or Tampa Bay. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Forget Johnny, sorry to say it, but at best he will be 2nd rated on our team if not third. And that's with all of his improvements.

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Shilling for your own article in your first post here aside...


QB Comp?

Shhh.... there is one. Pet has simply learned that hyping it does no one any good... especially neither himself nor his neophyte QB prospect.



Whole lot of ink worrying about how to replace 24 catches for 424 yards (84 of which came on one play) and 2 TDs. Not worth the effort to consider TEs apart from WRs (see below).


RB trade?

Nailed above... If you are a team that is going to feature a running attack, then you need three, strong RBs. If Duke's arrival has made one of last year's models expendable, who is the third in 2015?



First, I don't get the single player focus here. Every other question is around a position. With both Skrine gone and Gip recovering from injury to me the question is: "Will the secondary repeat its 2014 level of play?" Gilbert was not a major factor in last year's success.

The answer to my above question is tied to the following, and IMO, bigger question: "Will our 2015 D stop the run?"

I think the two answers will be equal and opposite.


WR (/TE) corps?

The starkness of your ill-placed, closing prognostication aside... I thought this question contained your best analysis. Roll in consideration of replacing the departed TE production and you have a slot for examining "run stopping" or Special Teams...


... both if you allowed for having "Six Questions"... column space permitting...


Good Luck in school and Go Browns....

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Id say a decent writing effort for a student in another state just learning....though the content is just kind of eh....


Should there be a QB competition?......of course!...heck there should be competition for every spot every year.....


Whats the tight end situation?.....HA!....nothing like it's described here, thats for sure...(2 UDFA's and a 6th rounder?).....Id say no to Gresham........ and meet Rob Housler, Randall Telfer, Jim Dray and Malcolm Johnson.....


Should the Browns trade a RB?......NO.....we are trying to add depth and just suffered through a rough season because we lacked depth at key positions and had injuries.....so, why trade our safety valve away?


Is this the real Justin Gilbert??.......I hope so. With our depth and the acquisition of Williams, I dont think he's actually a "key" to this season...but it certainly would be great if he shows up......


What should we expect from the receivers?...Good question, though I think we have a good idea of how most of them can or will perform(except Mayle, of course)....the bigger question is whether our QB and running game will be effective enough to allow these guys opportunities to do their thing.......(How will they react to Josh Gordon?....that question is a year early...though I dont think it's how "they" react that matters.....it's how Josh reacts and performs that will make the difference....

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