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I just bought an XB1 a few weeks ago. I like it a lot, hdmi passthrough is kinda nice with smartglass. Though I'm not a big fan of Microsoft otherwise, Xb1 is pretty cool.


That being said, full list of gams that are backwards compatible after Thursday update:



They say other cames will be available in coming months, but for now no Tiger Woods 14


I like Forza/Madden/Call of Duty but Fallout 4 looks to be pretty amazing

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I got the twin Assassins Creed package free with mine: Black Flag and Unity.


Black Flag was really good. Unity might have been had I played it first, but I did not and Black Flag's graphics and game play are much better.


TW14 is my main 360 want... not a lot of other titles grab me so far... maybe the couple of Fallout titles.

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I used to have a Wii with homebrew and all that crap plugged up to an external hard drive and loaded with emulators in college. It was nice to have it easily hooked up to the TV and use controllers, etc.


Nowadays you could probably get an original wii for like ~$30 if you wanted to play genesis, playstation 1, n64, snes, etc, etc.


The kinect came with mine which is fine, I got my whole unit for a pretty good deal though, ~$289 from a groupon. Has a 1 year warranty from microsoft and all that so I'm happy.


I wouldn't pay an extra $100 or $150 or whatever kinect costs, but sometimes the voice commands and face recognition is kinda coo.

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