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Over 300,000 protest gay marriage in Italy


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Strange how some news doesn't make the fucked up liberal mainstream media...





When scams reported as truth do, like the staged pro gay event in Ireland funded by the U.S.

The truth...



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Yeah, protests are pretty common. I remember the last time I was in Paris, the anesthesiologists were on strike. What should have been a 15 min cab ride ended up around 3 hrs. Fortunately our driver was quite the story teller, and since we couldn't move I made expert use of the corner grocery and slammed some of France's finest table red while we waited & were entertained.

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Obamao, and Lynch and all the other anti-American culture war radicals

that really ignorant people voted for, especially the second term.


"The President of the United States, whose stated campaign goal was to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," now has his Attorney General telling the principle legal group advancing the LGBT movement that together, they will "reshape this country."

The words by AG Lynch should deeply concern every person who believes that, left unchecked, Lambda, the DOJ, and the Obama administration will continue to methodically undermine our religious liberties and our rights of conscience.

If the High Court wrongly affirms same-sex “marriage," the floodgates will be opened for lawsuits and legislation to label speech criticizing homosexuality as a hate crime – and force participation in the events and ceremonies surrounding this disordered behavior.

If the High Court supports same-sex “marriage," the DOJ will be handed a legal billy club with which to beat dissenters into submission. It will expose churches, pastors, ministries, and faith-based organizations to sustained legal attack until we can no longer afford to fight the battles. "
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