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Sets the stage for mass illegal voting


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Worse and worse. Big serious trouble.


Now our Supreme Court will simply hear the cases they want to rule on differently,

and if they don't, they won't hear a case because they like

the decision made by the lower court.


Thanks to the activist anti-Constitution liberal judges, it's been turned

into a fiasco.



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The left has known for years the importance of liberal judges who can overturn the will of the people. That is why Harry Reid changed the senate rules to get as many liberal judges appointed as possible when the democrats controlled the senate.


Senate clears 96 judicial nominations after rule change

Despite a lack of legislative accomplishments, the Senate confirmed more judges than any other modern Congress.

During the 113th, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) made it a top priority to clear President Obama’s nominations — several of which filled vacancies in courts with judicial emergencies. His office said the 113th Congress confirmed 132 judges overall.


Reid took heat in November 2013 for using the “nuclear option” to change the filibuster rules for most nominations. But because of the rule change, he was able to clear 96 judges with a majority vote instead of the previously required 60 votes needed to end debate.



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and Boehner promises Pelosi he won't use the nuclear option.


I think he's been blackmailed or something.


what...the...hell ???

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