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Obamao's IRS says... once illegals get amnesty, they can file for back tax refunds


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illegals don't pay taxes unless they are using fraudulent ss numbers etc.


America is being set up Cloward-Piven wise, and voter dependent demographic wise.


Headed for very big, very serious trouble.



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When Obama ran for president he criticized Bush and called him unpatriotic for having the national debt up to 9 trillion dollars and said Bush was selling out our children's future to the bank of China.


Now under Obama's watch the national debt is up to 18 trillion and may well be 20 trillion by the time he leaves office. Why has he been so unconcerned about the debt since he took office? He has never tried to control spending ever.


With the tax hikes Obama put in place we have had record tax revenue but the national debt keeps growing which shows our spending is out of control. Obama inherited an economic mess in 08 but he is going to leave an even worse mess for the next president and I don't see how we can ever pay down this growing debt (+100 trillion dollars in unfunded liablilites).

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I remember libs on this board wailing about how the deficit will crash

families lives all over the country.


"Destroy our children's future", they wailed.


Now, you cannot get them to criticize our current, outrageous and dangerous debt.


A lot like Greece - you best be giving us more and more free stuff.

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