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Maine Gov signs law permitting citizens to conceal carry without permit

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Well, I don't have a problem with getting my permit. Took the training, applied, got it quick.


Fingerprints? Dang, been fingerprinted in the service, working for a retirement home for a while

as a bus driver, working for a friend who had a business training special needs young people...


and buying a gun with the background check - it came back good so quickly, the dealer was

a bit surprised....


But... how do you keep people from ccw'ing, when they shouldn't be allowed to?


Oh, yeah, they'll do it anyways. Forgot.


The other thing is, the antigun weirdo's have used denial of permits as a political liberal weapon.

They just change the criteria to being subjective enough, they don't have to issue any at all, like

in D.C. Gun sales have skyrocketed again. Way to create the exact opposite of your alleged intentions,



Trouble is, in a liberal state, the local governments, like happened in NYC...was it? They publicly

produced the list of gun registrants.


Some places, liberals will to the same with ccw permits. Very, very bad.

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Maine law currently allows gun owners to openly carry a handgun without a permit, but concealed carry requires a background check, a licensing fee, a judgment of “good moral character” and evidence the applicant can handle a gun safely.




​Seems unnecessary....

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