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In the Film Room (Week 4-Bye)


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I'm floored by Johnny's grace on the swan. Haden is playing some charity basketball at the local YMCA while pulling cats out of trees and bringing people back to life. I heard Joe Thomas let out a belch while watching the Wisconsin game that cleared out the entire neighborhood. Pettine showed up to the stadium at 9 AM Sunday because he didn't want to break routine. I texted Farmer to find out what he was up to during the bye. Haven't heard anything. He's been eerily quiet with the texts lately. Anyone have any insight?


The slits on Mitchell Schwartz's wrists are healing up nicely after everyone so thoroughly eviscerated him in the Week 2 film thread. Poor guy. :P


I can neither confirm nor deny that Joel Bitonio called Joe Thomas the p-word and said "this is my line now" during bye week practices. Speculation, however, has been strong.


Did Mike Pettine pull an Ed Orgeron, deshirt in the locker room, and have the entire team chanting "Cleveland Browns! Wild Boys!", then tell anyone that wanted to try him to bring it on?? Again, neither confirmation nor denial.

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