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Christian bakers and family getting death threats...and truck repeatedly vandalized


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Obamao's culture war is going brownshirt.


and his INJustice dept doesn't care.


Well, unless the person is black. Only blacks have civil rights to be protected....



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A liberal corrupt judge awards the gay couple $135,000 for all the grievous damages that occurs when you have to drive down the street to another bakery to get a cake but the Christian bakery still hasn't been punished enough yet by the "tolerant ones" amongst us.

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It just seems like a double standard.


"WBC? They aren't real Christians, they don't count."


"Some rogue homosexual supporters? It is the militant gay community at work again!"

Self-proclaimed Christians who hate are not Christians by the very definition.


Homosexuals that hate are still queer.


Hope this helps.





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Pro-homosexual activists have now employed fear mongering into their anti-freedom propaganda saying The First Amendment Defense Act will encourage discrimination against people in the LGBT community.

Opponents of the bill are calling for its defeat because it offers protections for religious liberties outside the walls of the church. In other words, if they defeat the FADA, Christian-owned businesses, non-profit organizations, parachurch organizations, adoption agencies, and Christian schools will be further exposed to the demonization of the radical homosexual agenda!

These radicals refuse to recognize the double standard of discrimination being deployed against people of faith!

+ + Following the wrongful decision by five lawyers appointed to the Supreme Court, The First Amendment Defense Act is now among the most important bills in Congress.

The five lawyers of the Supreme Court majority attempted to redefine natural marriage and, in doing so, imposed their brand of judicial activism on over 320 million Americans. They effectively overrode the will of tens of millions of us who took action within our states and voted to affirm marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

As we expected, the backlash against the First Amendment rights of people of faith in our nation is widespread, crippling, and growing.

As a signer of the petition calling for the passage of the FADA, I know you understand the importance of this bill.

That's why I am asking you to strongly consider two additional actions today.

First, please expand your impact by sending additional messages to your two Ohio Senators and Representative, along with other key members of the congressional committees marking up the bill.

You can utilize our Liberty Counsel Action Fax Barrage system to quickly and easily send pre-written letters or craft one of your own for immediate delivery.

Click here to launch your personal fax barrage:

Second, please consider sharing this link on your social media pages. Share it with your likeminded friends, family, and church members and encourage them to sign the petition.


+ + Petition delivery Tuesday!

For the past several days, the eyes of the world and our elected officials were focused on the announcement of the Obama administration's brokered deal with Iran. The attention surrounding this disastrous agreement and its worldwide impact has temporarily postponed our scheduled delivery of your FADA petition to Capitol Hill. We will instead deliver these vital petitions next Tuesday.

That decision serves two purposes. It allows us to obtain more signatures, which are greatly needed, and we want the full attention of lawmakers when we make the delivery.

Our sources on Capitol Hill tell us that this bill could make it to the House floor for a vote before their summer recess at the end of the month. Now is the time to be proactive in making sure every principled lawmaker is on board with this bill. That's why every effort we make to advance this bill is so important right now and through the end of the month.

Everything you need to submit your fax order is one click away!


God bless you for your faithfulness to this important initiative!


P.S. Our call to Congress to pass The First Amendment Defense Act is being heard on Capitol Hill. I believe that's why the bill's opponents are pushing back.

Getting this message viral is a major key to it's success. The more signatures we gather, the more powerful the impact. Please consider sharing this link with your family members and friends... http://www.lcaction.cc/201362/petition.asp or go to www.libertycounsel.com for additional details.

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